Wildwood Crest Police Department

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Fleet 2 System

Wildwood Crest Body Worn Camera (BWC) Program

X2 System

Body 2 System

Officers of the Wildwood Crest Police Department are issued Axon Enterprise cameras to help document encounters with the public. We use three separate camera systems to record different incidents.

Body Camera- This camera is normally affixed to the officers shirt or vest in the middle of the chest. This camera documents the officers view of the incident.

Fleet Cameras- There are two separate cameras, one front and one rear, to document a broader part of the incident. The front camera is affixed to the side of the rearview mirror in all vehicles and faces forward. The rear camera is affixed to the celling of the vehicle in the back seat. 

Taser Cameras- These cameras are affixed to the X2 Taser.

For more information on Axon Enterprises, please visit www.axon.com