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Wildwood Crest Police Department

 6101 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ  08260 | Emergency: 9-1-1 |  Phone: (609) 522-2456  |   Fax (609) 523-8243

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The Wildwood Crest Police Department is in the process of Re-Accreditation by the NJSACOP.  This process includes an evaluation of department policy and procedures, a review of department operations to ensure compliance with our stated policies and goals, and an onsite assessment by a team from NJSACOP.  The department will then undergo a hearing in the fall in front of the NJSACOP Review Board to determine if we have met the standards for Re-Accreditation.  

The Wildwood Crest Police Department proudly participates in the New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Program,  which is a voluntary state program developed by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) and is modeled after the CALEA national program. The accreditation program requires compliance with a series of professional standards designed specifically for New Jersey law enforcement agencies. The program promotes the best practices in law enforcement. The department was initially accredited in 2011 and renews every three years.

Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven method of assisting law enforcement agencies to calculate and improve their overall performance. The foundation of Accreditation lies in the adoption of standards containing a clear statement of professional objectives. Participating agencies conduct a thorough self-analysis to determine how existing operations can be adapted to meet these standards and objectives. When the procedures are in place, a team of trained, independent assessors verifies that the applicable standards have been successfully implemented.

In October of 2019, a team of assessors from the New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (NJLEAC) conducted an onsite evaluation of the department’s policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services. The department had to comply with 112 standards in order to be re-accredited. The assessment assessors reviewed written materials, interviewed individuals, and visited offices and other areas where compliance can be witnessed. The Wildwood Crest Police Department met all accreditation standards and received re-accreditation the same month.

Lieutenant Denise Holt serves as the department's Accreditation Manager.