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The Professional Standards Division of the Wildwood Crest Police Department encompasses several aspects of oversight and accountability to those we serve.  The Division houses the Internal Affairs Unit and Accreditation Unit.  It also provides information to the public on current policies and required reports for the public's review.    


The Wildwood Crest Police Department operates in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Guidelines on Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures and is committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. While we strive for exceptional service to the public, we also understand that it is in the best interests of everyone that a complaint about the performance of an individual law enforcement officer is resolved fairly and promptly. The Wildwood Crest Police Department has formal procedures for investigating complaints of police misconduct. These procedures ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizens and law enforcement officers.
The Wildwood Crest Police Department accepts and documents all citizen complaints in any form, including anonymous complaints, against law enforcement personnel employed in Wildwood Crest Police Department.  The Wildwood Crest Police Department will objectively review any and all complaints of police misconduct. If the complaint is determined to be an administrative violation, assistance will be given to the complainant with reporting his/her allegation. However, if the complaint is determined to be a criminal violation, the Wildwood Crest Police Department will conduct a criminal investigation.

Accreditation assists the department in maintaining a standard of service, which helps alleviate complaints involving officer performance, through proper training and oversight. Accreditation also ensures that the Department adopts and implements best practices and policies consistent with the highest standards of the Law Enforcement Profession.  Through continuing self-assessment, periodic peer reviews, and demonstration of compliance to the NJSACOP Accreditation Board the Wildwood Crest Police Department has maintained itself as an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency in the State of New Jersey.       

Transparency through the review of policies and procedures in key areas of police interactions with the public as well as reports on complaints and discipline within the agency are critical in providing accurate information to the public on the department's operations.  

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